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2009 Income Taxes Paid, By Income Threshold

I was in my sitting room enjoying a snifter of Napoleon brandy when it occurred to me to check on the taxes paid in 2009 by income threshold.  Although in my day this would have taken quite a bit of research, or perhaps a call to Secretary Mellon’s office, I realized that we are virtually drowning in information on this thing called the Internet.  Or so I’m told.  I set my resourceful henchman Mr. Chang to work on the problem, and, lo and behold, a few moments later he handed me the following chart.  “Post it to the web, Chang,” I cried, “For if the citizens of this benighted Republic but knew the truth, they might stir themselves from their fetters and demand a more equitable system!”

I also asked him to credit his source, the Tax Foundation.

UPDATE:  Mr. Chang has corrected the chart — his original graph read “2010”, when clearly the data is from 2009.



Normally, technology more complicated than a vintage Edison ticker tape machine exceeds my skill; however, my capable manservant Mr. Chang has managed to get this thing up and running.