I am a veritable caricature of everything you know, think you know, or wish to believe about the richest one percent.  Having been hoodwinked by my archnemesis, the socialist writer and inventor Mr. H.G. Wells, to step into a strange contraption of his construction at a dinner party in New York City in the summer of 1929, I found myself transported some eighty two and a half years into the future, where I confront the ruins of my once great culture.  There, I use my specialized knowledge of industry and the many talents of my reliable manservant, Mr. Chang, to rebuild my fortune while lamenting the decline of the West and the replacement of a once vibrant America with a bizarre socialist Dystopia.  I toil ceaselessly to find my way home, and I look forward to the day when the accursed Mr. Wells shall face the justice of my all-conquering wrath.


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