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Like William Wallace Shouting “Freedom” . . .

if William Wallace were more addicted to the teat of the welfare state.


High Speed Railroad to Bankruptcy

I have never understood this fascination with fast moving trains.


The Parlous State of The U.S. Housing Market

Total Permits, through January 2012

Total Permits, through January 2012

I asked my assistant, the reliable Mr. Chang, to gather some statistics on the U.S. Housing market.  I thought I would share this graph with you.

Amen, Mr. Romney


Super Tuesday

The time is coming when we’re going to have to stop bemoaning Mr. Romney and start supporting him.  I’m not sure who designed the Republican primary process this time around, but I feel sure that if they were a practitioner of medicine, they’d be prescribing “more bleeding”.

Mr. Knauf Comes Out

The death of Andrew Breitbart has had an unexpected effect on conservatives.  Because Breitbart was such a larger than life figure, he is and will be sorely missed in the days ahead.  Conservatives are rallying to his memory in many ways, including announcing themselves publicly where once, in the past, they were afraid to.

Congratulations, Mr. Knauf.  Your post took courage, and I’m sure Andrew Breitbart would, and does, approve.